Solution-How to do with Renault-COM 1152 Error extracting?-Shared by “Royston”

Solution-How to do with Renault-COM 1152 Error extracting?-Shared by “Royston”


Recently one of our customer, Royston, has gotten the Renault-COM Diagnostic und Programming Tool but canot install as different CD disk maybe:

“The software on the mini CD is probably OK.
I just cannot install it on my laptop PC because my CD drive is not compatible with the mini CD disk.”

So we offered the link on mega which is easier for customers to download:

Renault-COM Software Link:

Then Royston kindly shared his solution for “Renault-COM 1152 Error extracting”:

“Dear Essie,

Thank you very much for providing me with this MEGA link and I have now successfully downloaded and installed the SuperScan software.

For your information, my original problem was that even though I eventually managed to copy the supplied CD software onto my laptop (Win 7 64 bit), I constantly had the error 1152 on trying to extract the software (see error message).

However, everything has now extracted perfectly after clearing my Temp file and using the Software that you just supplied.

Best regards and many thanks for your support.”

Confirmed with Royston, we share this solution on our official blog which maybe helpful for some customers in Germany also.


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