[Autel Notice]-IM Server

Autel MaxiIM Series

[Autel Notice]

Our IM server is under maintenance on December-1st to December-3rd three days from 00:30am-05:30am Beijing time, we will keep you updated once any news. During server maintenance, below service will be influenced. Sorry about the inconvenience.

For Benz:

1. All immo parts erase immo data calculation (key programming not included). (Smart not included)

For V-A-G:

1. Advanced mode
2. MED17 OBD immo data read
3. Gene 5 A6/A7/A8 all key lost

For China brands:

1. Qoros, Zhidou, Senova D50 blade key, Iveco:  immo data read
2. BYD smart key all key lost

For Renault:

1. Fleunce/Zoe/Megane III/Scenic III , immo data calculation of add keys
2. Some old type password-free immo data

For Hyundai/Kia:

1. 46 immo data of simulator key

For Ford:

1. All key lost of later of 2018 year.

For Toyota:

1. VIN decoding
2. H Type all key lost, generate simulator key of SLK03~SLK05

For PSA:

1. immo data read, read pin of add key.

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