Autel MaxiIM IM608 FAQ

Autel MaxiIM IM608 FAQ

Q: I have a question that does autel im608 with xp400 programmer will have the same updates if you want to encode the keys as xp400 pro? 
A: yes, software is the same, the difference is the hardware. but  some features can only be supported with XP400pro.

Q: I have a question whether the autel im608 will encode the key to the renault trafic 3 year 2019 and whether it will encode when all the keys are lost. 
A: yes, supported, all key lost is supported.

Q: I have a question about mqb vw lost keys, will it encode the key if so, how much does paypal cost? What is the waiting time for the return file and whether it will encode the key when the car is in the automatic gearbox or only the manual gearbox?
A: It is 30 dollars for all key lost, you need to OE key to do it. as long as the vehicle immo system is MQB instrument. it is supported.

Q: After one year free update, if I do not buy update service, is it still available? Or should I buy update service every year? Do the functions and supported vehicles work as before?
A: NO, it has some limitaion for some functions for Benz, BMW, VW,Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford:

1 for Mercedes Benz All Keys Lost
2 for Mercedes Benz All Keys Lost on vehicle.
3 for Mercedes Benz All Keys Lost (Fast Mode)
4 for Mercedes Benz All Keys Lost (Fast Mode on vehicle)
5 for Mercedes Benz Immo Parts Renew
6 for BMW ECU replacement ( FEM / BDC )
7 for BMW ECU replacement ( CAS 1 / 2 / 3 )
8 for BMW engine ( engine-direct mode )
9 for VW MQB engine replacement
10 for VW IMMO IV replacement
11 for VW Engine MED17 OBD read password
12 for VW Read Password from Engine on Bench
13 for Toyota H Blade Key All Key Lost
14 for Mitsubishi ID47 Smart Key All Key Lost
15 for Ford Year 2020 Mazda 3 and Cx-30 bypass
16 for Ford Mazda ( 2013 ) parameter reset function


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