11.11 Pre-SALE (Date: 9.25-10.14)

11.11 Pre-Sale

We are having 11.11 Pre-Sale now, please check the following details:

Buy 100eur, Save 20eur

Buy 200eur, Save 40eur

Buy 300eur, Save 60eur

Buy 400eur, Save 80eur

Buy 500eur, Save 100eur


Buy 1000eur, Save 200eur.

Buy more, save more.

Date: 9.25-10.14

Tip: For the tools which displays as bottom price in the shopping cart, it is not on the sale list, as it is already the best price online. This promotion is reduced automatically by our website. No need to enter coupon code or do anything else, fast and easy.

This promotion is only for customers who gets paypal account, if you do not have one, recommend to bind your card with a paypal account, it will be ok.

We will arrange the shipment as usual, for the tools which are shipped out from EU, we tag as “EU-lieferung”, or write “[EU Ship]” in the title, it means we can ship out from EU fastly and no tax. Generally DHL shipping.

One customer can place several orders, you can add to shopping cart to check how much you can save and chooes the way you can save the much more money.

One last tip: this promotion maybe end earlier as the sale money amount is limited!

All interpretation rights of this promotion belong to AutoOBD.de

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