Customs Clearance Attention Especially for Germany Customers

Customs Clearance Attention Especially for Germany Customers

Hello Friends,
As recently European customs are very strictly for the packages which comes from China, so we recommend you to choose YANWEN express for your packages. It is safer and no tax. 7-10 days for delivery.
If you choose DHL, it will be checked via the customs. if we write as low value, the customs will not trust the low value, as they think many Chinese sellers write as low value for the pacakges. Then you need to contact us and we can try our best to help you.
If we can write as the original value, it will be best, but the tax will be higher for the cusotmers.
If we write as low value as before, we need you to keep contact for communitaion. And tax will be lower if we are good luck enough.

For your requirment if you can leave us message it will best.

Generally for DHL packages, we will write to you when we get the dhl tracking number, we wil also offer the low value cusotms clearance files which include the paypal payment proof and proforma invoice attached. Our offical mail is pls add us as friend. or maybe you will not receive our mail, or the mail will be in the junk.

It is important about the time, as long as the package is checked or opened via the customs, the local Germany or Austria customs will offer us one to two weeks for cusotms clearance, they will inform you via phone or mail, you will get the mail from the customs or local dhl, which will ask you to confirm the package value as they think we write as low value instead of original value. If we do not deal with the clearance in time, the customs will send the package back to us or directly damager the pcakge. Both are not good for both of us. So pls keep contact. It is urgent and important when we meet the customs clearance.

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