2021 828 Sale

2021 828 Sale

Dear Customers,

maybe you are just back from your holiday, firstly hope you have a great vacation. If you like, you can share with me on WhatsApp. My WhatsApp is +86 181 5015 2701
We have good news for you: we have a 2021 828 Sale now! If you are interested, you can click here:


Recommend Products as following:

7% off C4 with V2021.6 HDD = Now 411eur free shipping: https://www.autoobd.de/wholesale/mb-sd-c4-star-diagnosis-mit-hdd.html
7% off C4 with V2021.6 SSD = Now 438eur free shipping: https://www.autoobd.de/wholesale/mb-sd-c4-star-diagnosis.html
6% off C4 without Software = Now 376eur free shipping: https://www.autoobd.de/wholesale/mb-sd-c4-star-diagnosis-doip-xentry.html
21% off for C5: https://www.autoobd.de/wholesale/mercedes-benz-doip-c5-dedicated-diagnostic-tool.html
33% off V6.21 Xprog-M: https://www.autoobd.de/wholesale/x-prog-box-ecu-programmer-mit-usb-dongle.html
11% off WiTech MicroPod2:  https://www.autoobd.de/wholesale/witech-micropod-2-diagnosis-programming-for-chrysler.html

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For tax you may concern about, we will ship from the EU warehouse generally. 3-5 business days for delivery, DHL service, no tax.
If not in stock there, we will ship out via YanWen express, which we have already used for years. It is safe, and has no tax. Before shipping, we pre-paid tax for the customers. YANWEN with a tracking number which you can try online.
For post: 12-15 business days for delivery.
For express: 5-8 business days for delivery.

Date: 8.24-8.31

Enjoy Now!

Hope you and your family are well and healthy! Nice day!

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