Happy Halloween! Top 10 for Hotsell Free Shipping via Express Now


Free Shipping Expresses:

You can choose YANEN express or DHL according to your need:

YANWEN express: if you do not want to pay customs fee and you are not urgent, you can choose this express, it is no tax, it needs 7-10 working days for delivery.

DHL: 3-5 days for delivery, but you need to pay customs tax, it is about 20%-35% of the value of the product which is depending to your country customs policy. You can leave message to the customer how much should we write for your package. Generally we will write as low value if the value is too high. For some light weight and not value high we will declare as the original, for some sensible items, we alos write as the original value, such as for digiprog3. For the company customer, we always also write as the original value. If you have the requirment for customs, pls let us know.

Date: 10.21-10.27

Attention: we can arrange the shipment for you as usual as we do not have vocation in China now.

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