Deutsch V2.15 KESS V2 unbegrenzten Zeichen FW V4.036 Installation Tips

KESS V2 Pre-installation Important Notices:


1. Do not connect Internet and PC/Laptop CANNOT have anti-virus software;
2. KSuite V2.13 Software CANNOT be installed on V2.10 KESS V2 OBD2 Tuning KIT (SE87)
and V2.10 KESS V2 OBD2 Tuning Kit Quality B (SE87-B);
3. Supported OS: Windows XP and Win7;
PS: You are recommended to use our XP System — Ghost Windows XP Professional SP3;
How to Install Ghost Windows XP Professional SP3 (PDF File):(Close antivirus software or
set your browser to download success)

Here comes to KSuite V2.13 software installation procedure:

1. Pre-disable PC/Laptop internet connection;
2. Insert CD software into PC drive and open E:\ (Picture 1.1);
3. Copy and paste KSuite V2.13 Folder into desktop;
open this folder and then extract KSuite2.13 Zip File (Picture 1.2);
4. Next run Setup, you can easily finish K-Suite setup according to system prompts;
5. Right Click K-Suite and select Properties >>
Find Target Folder, and then delete all files in it (Picture 1.3);
6. Open already extracted (In Step 3) KSuite2.13 Folder;
Copy all files (Except Help Folder) into C:\K-Suite Folder;
7. Open KSuite v2.11-2.13 (E:) (Check Picture 1.1),
Copy Help Folder into C:\K-Suite Folder;
8. Connect KESS V2 device with PC,
the PC will automatically come out Hardware Wizard asking for installation (Being easily completed);
9. Check whether a good connection bewteen PC and KESS V2 device (Picture 1.4);
10. Click K-Suite Icon (Derive from Step 4 setup installation) for running.

Now it is available to KESS V2 chip tuning tool attached with newest V2.13 software,

additionally we will send you installation video;

even enjoy sound after-sales technical support.

How to Install V2.11 Kess V2 Ksuite Software

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