2018 AUTO FANS CARFANS C800 Technical Support

2018 AUTO FANS CARFANS C800 Technical Support

1. CARFANS C800 Features:

1) Supports Japan Commercial Vehicles: Fuso Mitsubishi, UD, Hino, Isuzu
Supports Japan Commercial Vehicles
2) European heavy trucks vehicles: supported.

2. Engineer: 
Support Coding, SCR, ABS, CBCU, EODB, NOX sensor
1) Coding:
2) SCR:
C800 SCR VS Adblue emulator:

SCR: test via vehicle OBD driver.
Ad-blue: Plug into the pump to drive.

Compaired with Ad-blue emulator which is Shielding tool, C800 is a normal repair tool.

3). ABS

4). CBCU
5). EOBD
6). NOX sensor 

Q: How to use the NOX sensor?
A: There is an interface on the sensor.
The adapter is plugged in directly; the sensor can also be removed and read.

You can check the following picutres
NOX sensor operation
NOX Sensor Operation
NOX Sensor Operation
NOX Sensor Operation
3. C800 Machinery

C800 is a construction vehicle tool for these 6 models which are relatively strong and have high coverage, including: Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo, Hitachi, Kobelco, Hyundai etc.
Main push: diagnosis and calibration (setting)

4. Service Advantage:

We can contact the factory engineer for warranty directly. From the date of feedback the problem to the date of solve the problem, and udpate the version and offer the customer, it will take only half a month to one month.

5. Feedback the problem.

When you meet the problem, please take photos of the error message and feedback us, we will contact the factory engineer for you directly, it will be repaired and updated.


Q: How to update firmware?
A: You can check the picture:
Firmware Update
Firmware Update

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