Vediamo Use Tips Share from Professional Engineers

Vediamo Use Tips Share from Professional Engineers

After you install vediamo on MB SD C4 (SP100-D),  it shows  “The file***insert path here***/usertab.csv does not exist or cannot be read. Please create or get a axchange table and mak proper entry in   VediamoFlashStation.ini

As you need to have CSV file. Every vehicle needs different file. For the funtion you need to realize, then you need to have the compatible authorization file which are all different. For these files, we cannot offer you, you need to get the by your side. As long as you can get the compatible files for the funtions you need, then you can program. If there is no compatible files and technical skills, then the funtion is not avaliable.

Vediamo have all kinds of files and authorizations, different ECU or Vehicle has different parameters and authorizations.

If the customer need CFF programe files, then it is generally in the “E:\programm\sdflash\pkw\cff1 and cff2“, they are two zips.
CBF is in “F:\programm\das和f:\program\xentry” file.
Use search can find the compatible PKW file quickly.

But pls note that this file is getting automatically as long as it is installed in Benz software. If you it doesn’t display CFF file and CBF file, then it means need to get special files, which are the customer go to find someone who knows it to get the file for his vehicle and program funtion.

So in a word, if without the files needed, CFF file and CBF file is not available.

For activation, we can activate for you, then you can open the software, but for others files needed, as we wrote before, you need to get by your side. 🙂

Our Vediamo is engineer version software, if the customer has the calculate skill, it is much more powerful than offline version.


Q: Can Vediamo V5.00.05 software install on 32bit laptop?
A: Yes, it is ok.

Q: Can it work with mb sd c4?
A: yes, it is ok.

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