VAS 5054A Solution of “Return of PDUModuleConnect”-Shared from Customer

VAS 5054A Solution of “Return of PDUModuleConnect”-Shared from Customer

Recently we sell cheapest vas 5054a sp33-d to one customer but he meet the error “Return of PDUModuleConnect“, and finally solve the problem all by himself, great and amazing! If you buy the same product and meet the same problem, you can check the following solution shared from our customer. 🙂 Our customer has agreeded with me to share his solution on our official web. A very kindful and amazing customer really. 😀

The “Return of PDUModuleConnect” problem: 

Die system detect VAS5054A and Edic see it.But next ODIS dont see it. And Softing-D-PDU Api see only making parse file.  When you make PDU Module connect goes error Return of PDUModuleConnect:
PDU_ERR_FCT_FAILED: PDU Function call failed.

Solution for “Return of PDUModuleConnect” shared from our customer:

i have myself all maked. The driver map inside your Softing-D-PDU Api 2.20.12 was old and dont past for my VAs5054A. drivers got from Softing-D-PDU Api 2.20.15. Now all works fine with windows 7 x64 and with ODIS 2.2.7 with post setup 6.70.150.

The Softing dpu api from your DVDs dont past for this ODIS and VAS5054A. So i have findet D-PDU_API_V1.20.15,D-PDU_API_V1.20.20,D-PDU_API_V1.20.23,D-PDU_API_V1.20.29 and the driver map in C:\Program Files (x86)\Softing\D-PDU API\1.20.029\VeCom\VAS5054 i have changed for map from the D-PDU_API_V1.20.15 to make the software update. I upload all files and send you link now. from here download D-PDU_API разные версии.rar and from here you get map VAS5054A

All works fine with windows 7 x64 now. 

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