Solution Experience from Customer -“No VCI found”(Reference)

Recently one customer who bought SP176-D from us met the following problem after we has already offered “license.key”,then he solved the problem by himself, following is the problem and solution for reference. As we recommend install on win7 32bit which test successfully, for some customers who test on other systems and not work, we generally recommend to find another computer and install on win7 32bit.
many thanks. Its a long way, but we have to do step by step. I have 64 Bit, but the Software is running now.
I connected the box with the OBD of the car and the computer by cable (no Bluetooth). Blue light in the box.
I get the error: “No VCI found – connection to the tester could not be established
If I click on Setup and “Search Com-Port” it can’t find VCI.
If I open the Windows Device-Manager –> Autocom CDP+USP –> Properties –> location is Port_#0001 Hub_#0004
So I also tried to choose USB/BT COM1 in the DS150 Software instead of “Search Com-Port”….also VCI found….
Do you have an idea, how to get the connection to the tester?
Thankls for your support and best regards!
Problem seems to be solved by driver-updates and rebooting. Thanks again!
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