PTT 2.04.87 -“volvo loose licence for java” Solution

All problem coz volvo loose licence for java. All need just to update

There will also be a required update for Premium Tech Tool 2.04. PTT 2.04.87  is scheduled to be released the week of October 17, 2016. This required update will allow users to continue to use PTT version 2.04.87. This required update is due to the license of the embedded version of Java will expire and must be updated. This update is in the 2.04.87. If the 2.04.87 update is not downloaded and installed by November 9th,  PTT 2.04 will stop working. The 2.04.87 will continue to be available for download in Client Update.

1. update techtool via Client Update tool to last version.
2. After finnish with update install this file: please click here.
3. Then unpack this file and copy it to C:\ProgramData\Tech Tool\Waf\OtD!ghZBzICQ!rCdzeaj6a0s8KkItNvLMCdUHDmlWBEUpl61PCc5C3P4
Pass is: !0lIgkAyT!d7um27ifwt1jWZnmU2
4.That is all !

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