How to Do with Xentry Not OK After Activate Again?

How to Do with Xentry Not OK after Activate Again?

One of my customer change the broken old laptop to a new laptop, it needs to activate again as the IP changed.

But after activate, the Xentry is not ok.

Solution 1:
Firstly you can check the computer time and the start key time.

The computer time should be ealier than the hdd start key time.

Just double click the lower right corner time on your desktop, change the computer time, make sure it is later than HDD start key time, then your Xentry will run OK again.

Solution 2:
How to Do with Xentry Not OK after Activate Again Solution 2
After you find the circled file “lic-key2.dat” under patch:  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\LicDir, delete the circled file.
After you delete the file, pls enter the activation code again, then go back to the path. Copy the circled file, then paste directly, rename the pasted file, delete the words before “lic” and dat, enter “x4711” as the end words. Right click attributes, click “√” ok.

Solution 3:

Pls check your hdd version and check if you offer us the right HW-ID and APP-ID.

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