Customer Feedback for CDP PRO+ V2014.3-Now Update to V2015.3

We have a customer who bought our V2014.3 CDP PRO+ bundle deal PP176-DC (Now Update to V2015.3) and truck cables SF42-1 (now you can buy SF42-C as replacement) on 18th April (DP160418xxxxx), whose name is Milivoje Glavasevic, he feedback that our tool works great!:-D I have asked him if we can share on our blog, he told me yes. We are really happy that our tool can help our customers and we will also offer our help if needed. 😀 I have worked in this industry for several years, sometimes we meet all kinds of the customers, but Milivoje makes me moved actually. 😀 I think I wil also work in this industry for customers. The following is the letters from him:

Hello at the support of
Thank you for the Heavy Duty Trucks TCP+ file activation for my Delphi DS150E diagnostic equipment.
Now the software is activated, works pretty good and i become able to practice diagnostic on several buses and trucks with the adapter set i have buy from you.
Of course i have also downloaded the other software for what you sent me the links, but this i must check if it is the right software for me and if it is the earlier version 2014.3. For the moment its no matter that i have installed the V2013.3 because for now it also fits my needs, and the main thing is that this software works.
Once more many thanks to you, and your support you have spent to me. I’m happy and very satisfied. In car diagnostic questions you will be my first adress and business partner in the future.

With best regards from Mr. Milivoje Glavasevic

Second letter:


Sure, of corse you can share my feedback to you, and let others know that i am very happy and satisfied that i have choosen you as my business partner for car diagnostic equipment. :-)
Since i work hard and repair vehicles – very successfull since i get your diagnostic equipment – i’m not able to answer you prompt. But i lucky let you know that the diagnostic equipment, the Delphi DS150E fullfills my needs and works great! I wont ever miss this kindly famous tool, and ask me why i have not buy it much earlier. 😉 It makes things so much easyer for me, and has expanded my action radius very well. Because i become able exactly to detect vehicle fails the solving of this problems goes much faster then in the past without this equipment. So my all my thanks to you guys, and should God protect you.
Many greetings to you, and all the luck in the future with your company.
Mr. Milivoje Glavasevic

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